Magnetic Messaging Marketing & Sales

9 Days Master Class for (new aspiring coaches)

  • If you’re resisting or struggling to market and sell your coaching services online and you don’t know how to do it professionally and authentically
  • If you want to clarify your niche and create a powerful message that attracts the right audience to your Brand
  • If you want create a simple marketing system that is so easy and fun without having to be everywhere or using complicated funnels or facebook ads
  • If you want to release your fears and inner blocks around money and limiting beliefs about sales , then this workshop is definitely for you


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In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • the importance of having a business vision when starting out your online coaching business
  • what you need to do so you can be in the right mindset energy of the confident Coach, Leader and Entrepreneur

  • why having a simple clear marketing message is the easiest and fastest way to attract your ideal clients

  • what you need to do to create a unique Brand that stands out of the crowd

  • the 3 mistakes that kill any Brand

  • what you need to do so you can market your services organically on facebook

  • the 3C that makes your marketing system so much easy and fun

  • the importance of creating content that converts your audience into paying clients and why Content creation must be your no 1 focus in your marketing system

  • learning how to master sales conversions so you don’t overdeliver but instead be a stand for your client to saying yes from themselves and not feel disappointed if a client said no to working with you


    You’ll walk away after this Master Class having a clear simple plan to start your business with whether you choose to do it on your own or while working with me.