Are you having a hard time attracting your Soulmate Clients?

Hi, I’m Mona Mitkees  your Business Soulful Coach 

I help women Coaches (like you ) create a clear magnetic marketing  message that speaks from your Heart and Soul so you can attract your  first 3 high paying Soulmate clients within 90 days. 

I use the power of Clarity, Simplicity, and your feminine energy  in attracting, connecting and enrolling your soulmate clients. 

An ICF Coach & ELA graduate

Mona is a competent and energetic coach. She has a simplified system and structures in her work to facilitate the developing process of her clients. Thank you Mona for your support.

Maha Mashour

Thanks Mona for your great effort with me during the program
You pushed me a lot to work on my own brand and taught me how to build communication channels with my clients.Highly recommended for new growing businesses.

Amira Saied

 Best coach everrr ♥️ She helped me finally to say NO, to be more aware about myself and to increase my self-confidence. Thank you, Mona, for everything.

Aida El Haraky

I deeply thank my Dear Coach MONA MITKEES for her help and guidance.

Her passion for coaching will let you love yourself and discover a lot of hidden abilities inside you.

Her questions were accurate and to the point, she let me identify the true problems and take new decisions within few weeks. I could notice a change in my thinking patterns and my attitude after the
first session.

Also she was very supportive and encouraging. Simply she is perfect! I highly recommend going through the coaching journey with MONA MITKEES and you’ll never regret it.

Menna Abu Zahra

I have learnt effective methods for having time for myself such as meditation and destress methods
getting rid of bad experience and related frustration

Thanks for being there Mona!

Heba Magdi

Mona is such a beautiful positive soul, with amazing energy she always make me feel energized … she made me see the good sides in myself that I didn’t know they even existed.. she lifted me up and got me back on track… thank you 😊

Heba Sharawy

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مش عارفه اقول ايه ولا ايه الست دي بجد جادعه جدااااا وقفت معايا وقت ما كنت مصدومه ف ناس كتيررر
طلعت كل الحاجات ال جوايا ال ماكنتش عارفه اخد قرار فيها ودعمتني واستحملت خوفي وزهقي وخنقتي ووصلتني ان اطلع الحلول من جوياااااا بجد بحبكككككك اوي ولسه مكمله ولسه بتعبها وبسالها ولسه بتعلم منها حد كده بيديك طاقه ايجابيه حلوووووه ويطمنك بعد ربنا ان بكره احلي وان كل حاجه ليها حل بشككركككك ع دعمك وع وقتك وع كل الحاجات الحلووووه 👏👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌺🌺😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cherine Salah abou Zekri

ني شخصية محترمه و جاده و قريبه جدا من قلبي و كمان عندها ضمير و دايما تصيب الهدف مباشره اتعلمت معها حاجات كتير اول حاجة لاغيت كلمة ماعرفش -اتعودت افكر بعمق قبل اتخاذ اي قرار -قررت افكر في نفسي الاول و بعدين اولادي مش العكس -اتعودت اعمل رياضة حتي لو بسيطة زي المشي ٣مرات اسبوعيا -اتعلمت اني لازم انا اللي اقود اي علاقة و ما ديش اللي قدامي الفرصة ابدا انه يقودني-وكمان خليتني اشوف في نفسي قدرات ماكنتش عارفاها. ربنا يكرمك حبيبتي و يوفقك

تستاهلي كل حاجة حلوه love you to the moon and back

Monira Diab